Case Study

Live an hands-on technology experience - 2017-18
To let customers and partners live a true Smart City experience, and introduce features and benefits of its own technology, an Internet of Things solutions company entrusted us to design a showcase installation for an international trade show, to be later placed in its showroom. We worked with an architectural firm to prepare a Smart City's 3D diorama, with interactive demonstrations of some urban services, such as smart streetlight management, public parkings management, and solid waste collection. To make use of the installation even without the diorama, ie. during business meetings, we worked at the development of an Augmented Reality application, which offers the same demonstrations and some additional contents through a mobile app.

Our results?

  • First developed for Lightfair International (Philadelphia, US, May 2017), the diorama was highly appreciated by customers and was showcased in several other events, including the International Motor Show (Frankfurt, Germany, September 2017) with a specific focus on urban mobility and smart parking
  • Available in Engligh for iOS and Android devices, the mobile app had an immediate success and it is still in use both for customers and partners presentations, and sales team trainings