Aldo Moro: “Good is no news”



In the 40th anniversary of Aldo Moro’s death by Brigate Rosse, we reread the article he wrote for daily newspaper Il Giorno in January 1977. 

(…) Despite all, may we say that reality is only what comes out from disheartening, sometimes dreadful newspapers’ reports? Good is no news, that’s it. What is ordinary, true, what favors harmony is far less likely to be noticed and detected, far less than those irregular events posing questions to men and society. But this somehow technical reason, this need to generate surprise and excite curiosity, does not exclude that real world (…) is made of good, good more than evil, harmony more than discord, usual more than extraordinary.

I think of the immense plot of love which unites our world, genuine religious experiences, orderly families, generous leaps from young people, active solidarity initiatives for the excluded and the Third World, social communities, the moving committment of workers for their own jobs. We could multiply examples. We just need to look at where we usually don’t pay attention, and care for what we usually are not interested in (…).

Even when fading in the background, good is more substantial than it might appear, more substantial than evil contradicting it. We can live our lives as evil is indeed secondary and does not undermine the outstanding richness of values such as understanding, tolerance, responsibility, dedication, sympathy, solidarity, and consensum which rule the world, successfully balancing destructive attempts of unfair protests (…).

Nevertheless we are instilled doubt that evil is not only present in our world, but dominant it. A doubt which weakens moral and political energies hopefully aiming at men redemption, even from a difficult starting point. A more balanced vision over reality, over real reality, is not only reassuring, but it encourages to fullfill the duties of interior renewal and social adjustment which represent our mission in this world.

Source: Accademia di studi storici Aldo Moro