When brand ambassadors are employees

Employees are – luckily or not – ambassadors of the organization they work for. In their effort to increase web and social presence, many companies have launched Employee Advocacy programs, thus inviting human resources to support and promote the brand by sharing contents on their personal social profiles, or by posting on blogs, forums and discussion groups.[Leggi tutto]

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Printed papers are dead – or maybe not

News are cost-free on the web, so why buying a newspaper? People get informed on the Internet, so why investing on printed media? Decreasing audience and advertisement makes us forecast the possible (someone say forthcoming) death of traditional papers, which also suffer from dropping prestige and reputation. But latest data from US and Italy might suggest a different evolution.[Leggi tutto]


Some words that changed the way we think

“If you know the origin of a word, everything can be more clearly comprehended”, said the 6th Century scholar Isidore of Seville. While the journey of most words doesn’t leave traceable trails, there is an elite class of verbal inventions whose exact dates of initial utterance have been carefully recorded.[Leggi tutto]

As storytellers, we have a duty

Ridley Scott, one of Britain’s most celebrated and important directors, was honoured with a fellowship by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for his outstanding contribution to film and TV.

In accepting his award, he stated: “Today the explosion of content platforms and social media have made this a far more accessible and democratic art form with an unprecedented reach, 24/7, 365 days. The opportunity to create authentic and relevant engagement, the future of film and storytelling can have, must have, a profound effect”.

“As storytellers, we have a duty to be mindful how we use this power. We must strive to protect the core tenet of the narrative, that all the best stories tend to come from the truth, even fiction”.

Listen to Ridley Scott’s speech

The choice of words

“Choosing a word or another, a phrase or another, a tone or voice or another, is never accidental. It’s a communication choice, and it tells something of the person who made it”.

That’s one of the excerpts we would like to highlight in the public letter that astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti wrote to the journalist who published a fake interview.

Seemingly stagnant distrust

Trust towards institutions, politics and media is plunging. Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2018 drives spotlights to the United States, with a 37-point aggregate drop in trust in the latest 12 months, and Italy, where trust decreased 21 points.

Media has become the least-trusted institution at global level, but people are more likely to give credit to journalists, experts (doctors, technicians, professors) and CEOs of reputable companies, while peers and social media have lost some credibility. And this is a good news.

Millennials get old

Even Millennials get old: most of GenY, now aged between 30 and 40, is facing a new phase of its life, with key decisions to be taken about family, kids and career. Is it time to adjust strategy for brands who have been chasing Millennials so far? According to Mintel, the evolution of Millennials values should be carefully analyzed to understand how their behaviours and consume attitudes are changing.

Happy birthday B-Story!

Happy birthday B-Story: two years of intense and passionate work, and lots of satisfaction. Thanks to companies, colleagues and partners who trust and continually support us!