When likes influence identity

Author: Raffaella Tosi

On March 15th, during the Italian Eating Disorder Day launched six years ago by Stefano Tavilla for “Mi nutro di vita”, the issue of the more and more premature uprising of these diseases was discussed. Latest data by SIP, Italian Society of Pediatrics, are alarming: eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are to be frequently found among 8-years old girls.[Leggi tutto]


Blockchain, brands and trust

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Oxfam and sexual abuses, Volkswagen and Dieselgate: these are among the scandals that are challenging public trust for popular global brands. Such crisis can be solved only through a structured intervention strategy, leveraging communication to support action and rebuild deteriorated relationships. But, if talking about prevention, some researchers look at blockchain technology as new possible tool to consolidate and protect corporate reputation.[Leggi tutto]

Fake news: should we fight, manage or mock them?

Fake news, their impact on corporate reputation and the most effective strategies to respond are a hot topic for lots of companies. There isn’t a single way to stand tall in the post-truth age: we discussed this with Andrea Fontana, CEO at Storyfactory, and Joseph Sassoon, partner of Alphabet Research, during the ‘Exponential Storytelling’ workshop by OpenKnowledge at Milano Digital Week.[Leggi tutto]

Digital journalists in a digital era

Are journalist keeping pace with the digital revolution? They are not exploiting its full potential for content creation and delivery, says a global survey by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Google News Lab.[Leggi tutto]


A rebel storyteller

While celebrating the International Women’s Day, let us play Brave, the Pixar movie which was given the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2012. Princess Merida’s courage, resolution and unconventional spirit are due to film director Brenda Chapman, who was inspired by the strong and independent nature of her daughter Emma.[Leggi tutto]


When brand ambassadors are employees

Employees are – luckily or not – ambassadors of the organization they work for. In their effort to increase web and social presence, many companies have launched Employee Advocacy programs, thus inviting human resources to support and promote the brand by sharing contents on their personal social profiles, or by posting on blogs, forums and discussion groups.[Leggi tutto]

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