Corporate Communication

Reputation is built over time by behaviours and actions, but cannot overlook a careful and focused corporate communication, which allows the company to consolidate a unique and distinctive positioning towards relevant stakeholders.

In the fake news and post-truth era, public opinion is likely to be more influenced by emotions, rather than facts. Organizations which act responsively and communicate efficaciously can gain trust and become an authoritative source of information, attracting consensus and participation.

Thanks to the experience B-Story professionals matured in 20 years by working for Italian and global companies, we support you in defining the best possible corporate communication strategy, develop ad hoc projects and define a relevant and appealing storytelling, preparing contents for a number of channels and tools.

Our services

  • Corporate positioning
    Starting from an in-depth analysis of corporate, brand or product internal and external perception, we help you identify the  strongest elements to be relevant for different target audiences, and differentiate from competitors. We build contents, messages and keywords to evolve your storytelling and achieve your goals, revising existing communication tools (company profile, website, social media, presentations, brochures, press kits, etc.) and developing all which is useful to consolidate your reputation and add value to your positioning.
  • Corporate communication projects
    We design projects to increase your visibility, improve brand awareness along specific topics, support acquisitions or business transformation processes, attract talents. We have peculiar expertise in communicating Corporate Social Responsibilitydiversity and inclusion, technological innovation, employer branding. We carefully identify target audiences and the best possible channels to engage them, defining strategic and tactical plans to maximize both quantitative and qualitative results. Whenever necessary, we facilitate partnerships and collaborations with other companies, research institutes and universities, NGOs and interest groups, media
  • CEO reputation
    CEO activism, that is visibility, participation to public debate and clear statements on hot topics, is the most important impactful element on corporate reputation (source: Reputation Institute, “Top 10 Reputation Macro-Trends”). We support you in personalizing your company, raising top management visibility and grow the CEO as a trusted opinion leader in your business community, consolidating his or her leadership
  • Media relations and digital PR
  • Corporate publications and content marketing

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