Internal Communication

In the last years we distanced ourselves from all organizations which used to be influencial. We tend to trust our employer more than NGOs, business in general, government and media. Moreover, we look at the employer as a trustworthy source of knowledge about the outside world, above all about economics, technological progress, and societal changes (source: Edelman, Trust Barometer 2019).

Employees who trust their employer are far more committed and engaged, more loyal and likely to become brand ambassadors. But trust is not a known fact, rather a capital to continuously invest on.

Internal communication is a powerful tool to share corporate mission, values and activitism, favour staff employability, govern change and create innovation.

Our services

  • Magazines and newsletters
    We design and prepare digital or printed magazines, attractive newsletters, Intranet portals, mobile apps and anything that can be useful to circulate information inside the organisation, sharing knowledge and insights about corporate life or specific topics
  • Internal communication projects
    We support HR managers to define and implement leadership and change management programs, events and team building initiatives. In crisis or discontinuity, we help balancing contents, channels and tools for a smooth and constructive transition
  • Corporate publications and other deliverables


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