Not everyone is naturally talented at eloquence, but anyone can learn how to manage an interview or speak up on a prestigious stage. We design and deliver training projects for your spokespeople, working with them on communication contents, as well as practical techniques to face nasty questions or criticism.

We share know-how about verbal and non-verbal communication to improve public speaking skills and turn every speech into an effective story.

Within crisis preparedness programs, we help Crisis Committee members simulate unfavorable scenarios and emergency situations, manage media interactions and hostile stakeholders.

Our services

  • Media trainings
    We analyze the Italian media landscape to understand how a specific topic is currently covered and how to improve your communication around it. We share case histories to learn from best and worst cases, present tools and techniques tipically used in media interactions. We prepare hands-on exercises to simulate interviews and press conferences, so spokespeople can be more effective when dealing with journalists
  • Crisis trainings
    We desing training programs for Crisis Committee members to learn and pratice corporate procedures, discuss Italian and international case histories, simulate crisis scenarios through roleplays and hands-on exercises. We traing spokespeople to manage interviews and press conferences even in emergency occurrencies. We deliver specific sessions for frontline staff, sales people or other corporate functions
  • Public speaking trainings
    In case of important events, presentations or meetings, we prepare your spokespeople with the dual goal of fine-tuning speech contents and improving delivery. We help the spokeperson identify and learn key messages, ignite and maintain audience attention, take care of voice, posture and body language

Case studies