Media Relations and Digital PR

Media consumption habits are as varied as ever: in Italy, TV is still the most pervasive media, radio is highly followed and appreciated, printed paper readers are declining, while web and social media are rocketing. To reinforce corporate positioning and strenghten relations with key target audiences, we must communicate far beyond traditional press office and create a sound storytelling to be attractive across multiple platforms, from printed publications to the web, from radio to TV, up to social media.

We support you to identify the most appropriate channels to engage your stakeholders, and define wide-scope strategies where media relationsdigital PR and content marketing are integrated in a virtuous cycle.

We duly measure results to keep on track with the objectives you shared with us.

Our services

  • Media relations
    We supervise and manage ongoing relations with Italian media such as newswires, dailies, consumer and business publications, web magazines and blogs, radio and TVs, both at national and local level, selecting those which are more relevant for your target audience. We have frequent contacts with Italian-speaking publications in Switzerland and key international media dealing with energy and technology. We turn your contents in news-worthy stories, creating editorial opportunities through the most suitable tools (press kits and releases, interviews, media briefings and press conferences, etc.). We monitor and analyze media coverage to measure quantitative and qualitative results
  • Media partnerships
    We design and coordinate editorial partnerships and native advertising campaigns on key target media, driving focused initiatives for your brand and developing all necessary contents
  • Digital influencer engagement
    We engage bloggers and digital influencers to define targeted communication projects. We manage and customize contents and tools (briefings and VIP events, videos and special contents) to maximize target reach and engagement 

Case studies

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