Podcasts for content marketing


Original and engaging contents, long formats and SEO are some of the reasons why brands are looking at podcasts to reach and seduce their audience

What is it behind the success of The Daily by The New York Times, Morgana by Michela Murgia, La piena by Matteo Caccia, or Buio by Pablo Trincia? The winning podcast formula is made of original quality contents, an attractive sound design, and a targeted marketing plan.

Month after month, podcasts are gaining a wider and loyal audience. According to Nielsen, in Italy there are more than 12 million listeners (+16% vs. last year), and 68% is between 25 and 34 years old. People listen to podcasts while driving or commuting, but above all at home (71%) through domestic voice assistants. The average session is getting longer, over 20-25 minutes.

About 44% of frequent users likes original podcasts (native audio series, not on demand radio broadcasting), and 15% is likely to pay for them. That’s why quality of contents and audio production is essential, as marked by Rossana De Michele, founder at Storie Libere, during latest United States of Podcast. “Podcasts are not quick getaways as videos. Downloads tend to overcome streaming, proving that users want to save contents and listen to them more than once, similarly to rereading a pleasant book. Specific competences are needed to create podcast contents, starting from the ability of thinking in audio and writing for a voice”.

If major editorial houses are now launching podcasts, there are some promising corporate projects too, as companies are increasingly interested in audio branding and integrating podcasts into their content marketing.

Why should a brand follow this wave? “Voice is a highly powerful tool since it conveys genuineness and trust, two things that are really difficult to generate with images or social media”, said Francesco Tassi, CEO at ForTune Podcast. “Branded podcasts allow companies to manage long formats and design a richer and more structured storytelling, creating a special connection with the audience without directly talking about the organisation and its products. Podcasts also ignite series, thus a superior level of engagement and loyalty. Last but not least, they are SEO-friendly”.

Among recent Italian branded productions, don’t miss Sbaglio strada e cambio vita by Verti Assicurazioni, Prime svolte by Mini BMW, or Note di Chianti Classico by Lamole di Lamole.