Seemingly stagnant distrust

Trust towards institutions, politics and media is plunging. Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2018 drives spotlights to the United States, with a 37-point aggregate drop in trust in the latest 12 months, and Italy, where trust decreased 21 points.

Media has become the least-trusted institution at global level, but people are more likely to give credit to journalists, experts (doctors, technicians, professors) and CEOs of reputable companies, while peers and social media have lost some credibility. And this is a good news.

Millennials get old

Even Millennials get old: most of GenY, now aged between 30 and 40, is facing a new phase of its life, with key decisions to be taken about family, kids and career. Is it time to adjust strategy for brands who have been chasing Millennials so far? According to Mintel, the evolution of Millennials values should be carefully analyzed to understand how their behaviours and consume attitudes are changing.