Fake news and media responsibilities

Fake news develop where people surrender to exercise critical thinking. But latest report from Italian authority AGCOM denounces the lack of quality information, particularly when dealing with science, technology, and finance[Leggi tutto]


The less critical thinking, the more fake news

Fake news grow on the Internet and social media up to six times quicker than reliable news. But far more worriesome is the increasing polarization of online information, and the confirmation bias that lets people believe only what confirms their preexisting beliefs. Walter Quattrociocchi explained this at Forum dell’Economia Digitale, last week in Milan.[Leggi tutto]

Fake news: should we fight, manage or mock them?

Fake news, their impact on corporate reputation and the most effective strategies to respond are a hot topic for lots of companies. There isn’t a single way to stand tall in the post-truth age: we discussed this with Andrea Fontana, CEO at Storyfactory, and Joseph Sassoon, partner of Alphabet Research, during the ‘Exponential Storytelling’ workshop by OpenKnowledge at Milano Digital Week.[Leggi tutto]